About Us

About Queens Dumpster Rental

Our company is here to help homeowners and contractors find the right dumpsters for their work. Renting a dumpster from most companies is tantamount to a leap of faith. You just have to trust that you aren’t getting shafted on your roll-off rental. A lot of times the terms of use are obscured and not properly explained, a situation which quickly leads to frustration and a lost customer. But with our service we make sure we do things right. Our terms of service are clearly presented to each customer and we explain what kinds of service fees are associated with each dumpster.

We also work with every customer on a one-to-one level so that we can ensure that the dumpster they receive is perfectly matched to the work that is being done. For most orders this only takes a few minutes, so our customers don’t end up losing half a day going back and forth on their dumpster rental. When a customer calls in the first thing we do is greet them and ask them how we can help. From there we’ll talk about their project, whether it’s a home remodel or a construction job. Our service rep will recommend sizes for the debris, as well as explain the rental terms. They will also go over things like overage fees, trip charges, and other service related matters. Like we said, we keep our customers fully informed so that there are no surprises.

The Queens Dumpster Rental Experience Starts Here

  • Setting up a delivery takes just five minutes, tops!
  • Our driver will deliver your dumpster within two business days of ordering!
  • Your rental period doesn’t start until your container has been dropped off
  • Take two weeks or more to get your dumpster filled up!

Customers from all across the borough rent their dumpsters from us over other competing haulers. Why’s that? Well because we are consistent with our business. We consistently offer lower rates than other renters. We consistently provide helpful and friendly customer service. And we consistently provide the widest range of sizes for customers to use. We are so good at what we do that a lot of our customers call in multiple times a year, every time that they need a new roll-off dumpster. That’s the kind of brand loyalty we inspire in our customers!

Rent Confidently with Queens Dumpster Rental

Anytime you use a company’s service you expect to be treated fairly and to get the results you want. With our service we can guarantee your satisfaction entirely without even having to make that promise. Our business operates on the fundamental belief that every customer is like a friend. We invite anyone and everyone who needs a waste dumpster to call us up and let us know what kind of disposal service they need.  We’ll give you the dumpsters you need at the price that is just right for your budget.

So rent confidently, rent with Queens Dumpster Rental!